On Stranger Tides: Same old formula but hey, it works!

Already the 4th offering from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, you would think that Captain Jack Sparrow and his antics may get old but apparently he still has it or Johnny Depp for that matter. And the public agreed since it became the 3rd biggest weekend opening worldwide and now the biggest film of 2011 so far. On Stranger Tides still captures the humor of the first 3; I should know since I found it funny though I’m not a huge follower of the series. I can’t even remember their complete titles but in the end I saw why the film is such a hit. The producers have made it a point to always maintain a GP theme, that way kids also enjoy it and frankly this movie started the idea that Pirates are not all scary but rather amusing. And although it has been the same tried and tested formula since the first one, as long as they keep the audiences laughing and entertained then a 5th one wouldn’t hurt one bit.

I was disappointed that Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley didn’t make it this sequel but new eye-candies were cast (sorry I’m not a Depp fanatic) in the persons of Penelope Cruz (Angelica) and Sam Claflin (Philip). Angelica is introduced as Sparrow’s ex and turns out to be Blackbeard’s daughter who’s in search for the Fountain of Youth to counter a prophecy that predicts his mortal fate. For the water from the fountain to work they would need a mermaid’s tear to use in 1 of the 2 cups to drink from, that being the one that extends the life of the person who drinks it, the other giving the opposite. Enter the freaky mermaids who after alluring their prey turns vicious and does a Spider-man move – go figure haha. Philip, a missionary held captive by Blackbeard, falls in love with the mermaid and creates a pleasant diversion from all the insanity caused by this fountain. To wrap this up, Blackbeard got tricked into drinking from the wrong cup meanwhile Angelica will not die soon, I’m sure.

I didn’t get why the movie was titled On Stranger Tides but I found out it is a book where they based the movie from. And I didn’t know there was a post-credits scene! Shucks! Oh well, have to see that one for myself. Johnny Depp is the main reason the movies are such huge blockbusters, he’s the bond that holds everything together.

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