The Lost Symbol: Dan Brown is a master thriller

I don’t know where to begin. The Lost Symbol is by far the most exhilarating thing I’ve read. I don’t necessarily agree to everything it implies but it adds to its whole appeal; it’s still fiction in the end. This book is just packed with adrenaline and filled with information in every chapter and I mean every, you can’t throw anything at all. Sometimes my mouth just drops and I stop and process what I’m reading (no exaggeration). I remember by the time I was on chapter 6, I can barely cope with all the facts thrown at me. I now marvel with the history of Washington and of history in general. It spiced up what I formerly consider as an uninteresting subject. The idea that our ancestors have already uncovered what man’s true potential is and was eventually forgotten which we today are still yet to discover, is mind-boggling. Lightning-paced and never boring, it grips you till the end.

This is my first Dan Brown novel; I used to think he was overrated but when I caught the Angels & Demons movie I was impressed. This is his 3rd novel (the other being The Da Vinci Code) that involves his famous character Robert Langdon and is also based with the concept of Freemasonry. The story follows Peter Solomon, a powerful Mason and Langdon’s mentor, and this Masonic Pyramid that apparently points to a secret location that holds The Ancient Mysteries which will reveal man’s god-like qualities. Aiming to possess the ‘power’ it holds, the antagonist named Mal’akh devoted his life in acquiring this ancient secret. He demands Langdon to decipher the code in exchange for Solomon’s life. His true identity was kept until the end and it will catch you off-guard. The situation gets complicated as it becomes an issue of national security thus the CIA gets involved. The chase was one thrilling and riveting ride as one by one clues are discovered and the characters got closer and closer towards the ‘truth’.

I give The Lost Symbol a two thumbs up. A recommended read.


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