Thor: Perfect To Kick-off Summer Blockbusters

The movie was quite an experience! (having watched it in 3D as well). I must admit, I wasn’t keen to go see the movie cause I wasn’t a fan before with the comic books or the character itself but it really persuaded me and for me, Thor is Marvel’s Superman with respect to its larger-than-life premise and the grandness of the characters and their “world”. Fresh actor Chris Hemsworth is the best choice to play The God of Thunder, he literally convinced me from the moment he appeared on screen and spoke. And need I mention the shirtless scene? 😉

The other cast members were also note-worthy; Anthony Hopkins (Odin) usually strikes me as frightening but he works well as an aggrieved father and king of Asgard, Loki played by Tom Hiddleston is the type of villain you sympathize with coz you know where he’s coming from however twisted his ways are, Natalie Portman (Jane) looks so normal amidst these characters but she looks so beautiful in the movie and I love her in it (she’s adorable!). I was astounded with the battle scenes against Laufey and the frost giants with Sif and the Warriors Three accompanying Thor and Loki as they went to Jotunheim. The humor in between also kept the light portions of the movie enjoyable. All in all, it was really good! What more can I say?

And I hope by now you’re already aware of the sneak peek shown after the credits just like with other Marvel films. Part 2 it is. 🙂


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