Scream 4: Just Not A Fan Of Slasher Films

It wasn’t bad, it was actually pure suspenseful fun although it didn’t make me scream. I just realized (again) why I don’t go to the cinemas and watch horror films especially this genre – slasher films. I tend to look for some depth and sense into the story but I guess when you’re a psychotic killer the last thing on your mind is sense.

It was quite entertaining that they made fun out of their own clichés including the guest cameos in the beginning of Lucy Hale, Shenae Grimes, Ann Paquin & Kristen Bell. [Spoiler Alert] After revealing that Emma Roberts (Jill), Sidney Prescott’s own niece, is behind the Ghostface mask and the ‘rewriting’ of the rules, I was like: “Uh…” and then it got ridiculous. Towards the ending, Roberts did convince me that she was crazy as hell and what did you know: Sidney, Gale and Dewey are still the last ones standing. It was stupid that some gruesome scenes were cut (censors in this country sucks). I loved seeing Adam Brody again and I like Hayden Panettiere in this movie as well.

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