The Lost Hero: Another Adventure Novel About Greek Myths But Better

Having read the Percy Jackson & The Olympians (and enjoyed it), I wasn’t sure if I wanted another mythology-inspired book. But as it turns out, author Rick Riordan’s new series The Heroes of Olympus is an even more exciting take on the affairs of the Gods that keeps affecting the modern world. On its first instalment – The Lost Hero introduces 3 new heroes: Jason, Leo and Piper (reminds me of the TV show Charmed). At the beginning, Jason wakes up sitting beside Piper and Leo in a school bus for delinquent kids with no idea who he is or why he’s even there. Piper was there for apparently stealing BMWs just to get his (famous) dad’s attention. Leo, well he always gets into trouble so he ran away but he has a hidden talent. The story picks up 3 months from the invasion of Kronos in Manhattan as featured in ‘The Last Olympian’ and so features some of our favourite characters from before: Annabeth, Thalia, Rachel, Percy on the other hand is  missing. Soon enough, our 3 new demigods end up on Camp Halfblood, claimed by their God parent and were sent to take on a quest for a prophecy that is far greater than that of Percy’s ‘Great Prophecy’ – yes I do think so. Olympus was closed, the Gods fell silent and Hera was trapped by some kind of power. Jason’s identity is a crucial part of the plan and will explain a lot about the new prediction. For those who haven’t read it, here’s a clue: it has everything to do with the Roman aspect of the Gods. If my guess is right, Percy and Annabeth will be part of these ‘7 heroes’ as prophesized (fingers crossed).

The book is longer but plotted better. The humour is still there so that’s a good thing. It’s also more engaging since the story gets narrated by each of the 3 characters 2 chapters at a time. The 2nd volume, The Son of Neptune, has been announced to be released sometime in Fall 2011. I can’t wait since this will be the most epic of quest the heroes of Olympus will ever take on. I’m hoping the title is in reference to Percy since Neptune is the Roman form of Poseidon, unless He has some other kid (again!).

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