I have a newfound appreciation for Adele

I’m having an Adele week (admittedly) because I heard 2 of her songs: first from Glee’s latest episode when Holly (Gwyneth Paltrow) sang Turning Tables and second in American Idol when Haley performed Rolling In The Deep. I’m not new to Adele’s music, I’ve known her since Chasing Pavements but I wasn’t that into the song.

But now I have to say I really love Rolling In The Deep, her first single from her 2nd album, 21. It’s kind of a blues, pop type of track and its refreshing to have sort of a different sound in my playlist. Adele’s having the time of her life now since the album debut at no. 1 on Billboard Hot 200, it was only this week that the Foo Fighters ended her reign. It’s also the first album to sell 1 million copies this year. And now, with Turning Tables featured in Glee I hope she releases this as an official single. This one has a sad theme but the lyrics are great. I’m proud to declare and it’s never too late: I officially love Adele. 🙂


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