Femme Fatale: A Poptastic Ride

I LOVE THIS ALBUM. I’m glad she stuck to what she does best: dance tracks. I mean ya, she got okay slow songs in her career but they’re not her forte. That’s why I also enjoyed Blackout which is rnb/hip-hop influenced, Femme Fatale is just more pop. Overall, the whole album is a cohesive party record that gave me days of LSS (last song syndrome) but for me here are the best tracks:

Till The World Ends immediately struck me as a club banger with that catchy “Whoa-oh-oh” phrase, I can’t get it outta my head. It took me a while to get Hold It Against Me but how can you ignore the lyrics? She took it a little slow on Inside Out but still delivers a could-be-single. (Drop Dead) Beautiful ft. Sabi and Gasoline are both feel-good upbeat songs. I like singing along with Trouble For Me as well. From the 4 bonus tracks, I was surprised that He About To Lose Me didn’t make the original tracklisting. The song has that amazing beat and i like the sentiment, hehe. It’s my favorite as of the moment.

Anyone like those songs too? What are your faves?

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