Britney’s #1 Again!

Femme Fatale debut at #1 at the Billboard Hot 200 this week! This marks her 6th album to debut at the top which is truly a remarkable feat. This gives her the 3rd spot for the most #1’s for a female artist behind only Madonna and Barbara Streisand and tie with Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson. Wow! That’s incredible… I mean it’s one thing for an artist to reach #1 but to actually debut at that spot 6 times is an achievement worthy of a true pop icon and of course, such dedicated fans. I’m bummed that the album doesn’t arrive here until the end of April but I’m happy with this news.

This album is her 7th studio release in which all, except for one, became no. 1. To my surprise, that one was Blackout which for me is one of her best so far (tie with Circus). Blame it on the VMA performance I guess and that underwhelming video. Moving on, Hold It Against Me was kind of like Womanizer in a way because I wasn’t sure how I felt about the song upon hearing for the first time but eventually, I couldn’t get it out of my head. With her 2nd video Till The World Ends already released and a much-talked about tour with Nicki Minaj, 2011 may be Britney’s best year yet. 🙂


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