What do you think of The Hunger Games cast?

Last month we discovered that Jennifer Lawrence, Academy Award nominee for her performance in Winter’s Bone, was signed on to play Katniss Everdeen in the big screen adapation of The Hunger Games books. Being the newbie that she is, I wasn’t sure what to react. But judging by her looks and that acting nod, I think she can pull this off just fine. I’m so excited to see her in action! I’m curious on how she’ll portray the character. I can already imagine the arena and her standing amidst the other tributes, with Peeta, with Haymitch. Oh, I can’t wait! But since I haven’t watched Winter’s Bone yet, I guess I have to check her out first in the upcoming X-men First Class wherein she plays Raven Darkholme or as they call her, Mystique. So I’ll know what kind of actress she is.

Then the news came out just this week, after tons of speculation, Lionsgate announced that 2 more main characters were already cast. Peeta Mellark will be played by Josh Hutcherson (top) and Gale Hawthorne, by Liam Hemsworth (bottom).

I was a little disappointed to Peeta’s casting (no offense to Josh), I can’t picture him playing my favorite character! Josh Hutcherson starred, if you didn’t know, in Zathura, RV, Journey to the Center of the Earth and recently in the critically acclaimed, The Kids are All Right. With regards to Liam Hemsworth, I’m not jumping up and down about it but I guess he’s okay. I think you know him already as Miley Cyrus’s arm candy for a while after co-starring in The Last Song. It’s almost like the roles should’ve been switched or I don’t know just replace both, hehe.

This is just the casting so we have more news to expect as production starts. The movie is tentatively set to be released in March 2012.  A lot of things can happen until then, let’s wait and see.

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