Riverdale High first welcomed openly gay student, Kevin Keller, back in September 2010 in the Veronica issue #202. Apparently, his first appearance was so popular that the issue was sold out. Now he’s making a comeback in issue #205 plus he’ll be featured in his very own 4-part miniseries on June! šŸ™‚ Which will talk about his life before arriving in the Archie universe and meeting the gang.Ā  I think I may get the issues when theyĀ go out here. Having read someĀ of theĀ comics in the past, though I have to admit I’m not an avid follower, it’s nice to know that the people behind the beloved comics are open-minded and not straight-laced. Remember, the ArchieĀ comics have been around for about 70 yearsĀ soĀ this is a big deal and hearing this news really made me smile. šŸ™‚