Joe Talks About Going Solo

It’s been a while since I posted some man-candy here. Or not. 😉 But I realized I haven’t got a single post about The Jonas Brothers so I give you arguably the hottest of the famous trio, Joe. Now I know some Nick fans will contest that, believe me I can’t make up my mind either. But right now, I have to say it’s Joe especially with the facial hair and those guns (hehe). Check out the photos from his recent Details interview:




Even though Joe didn’t lose his shirt, he still looks good. Anyways, Joe talked about his budding solo career and clearing the rumor that the group has broken up. They’re only taking a break, so don’t worry guys. He hopes the fans who grew old with them will still love his music which he described as something you could dance to. He also talked about girlfriend, Ashley Greene from Twilight. But I heard recently, they just broken up. But you never can tell with stars. Let’s just go back to ogling then. 🙂

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