It’s our turn to judge American Idol

So what do you think of the new (well except Randy) panel of judges? The Top 13? Or just the show in general? Me, I thought it was surprisingly good compared to last season, whatever that was. I do miss Simon and his comments but at least the producers were thinking because they didn’t try and get another “Simon”. At first I wasn’t sure about Steven nor Jennifer but the two actually work and you can sense their sincerity. I wish they replaced Randy too but three’s a good number. Can I just add: why is Adam Lambert in the opening credits? When did he win? ;-P I mean, he was my bet and it wouldn’t be a big deal if they included other successful contestants from past seasons but he’s the only non-winner featured, plus they never did that before. If I was Kris Allen I would throw a fit.

Let’s go to the contestants. From the Top 24 only 13 emerged victorious, 3 of which was chosen through a wildcard round. This is only the 2nd time AI had 13 finalists, the first time was when Anoop was given a spot which I didn’t get. Only Naima deserved the 2nd chance. If I had a say I wanted Kendra to go forward too, Stefano and Ashton were blah. From the Top 10 America voted, James blew me away. I’m not a rock fan but if he can deliver that first performance all throughout the competition, he can win this. But then there’s Jacob and Jacob can sing, man! Amazing! Scotty is oh so country but you’ll love him with that deep voice and twang. Personality wise, Casey stands out and I’m curious on what he can offer. For the girls, I love 15 & 16 yo Thia and Lauren A. I can’t believe all that talent come from such a young age. Pia’s “Stand by me” was such a knock-out moment for her and I think Latina Karen will bring flavor in the competition. To round up the Top 13, you have Haley and Paul. This is going to be an interesting year. I guess I’ll be staying tune all season, hopefully they won’t pull another “Adam” on me. 🙂

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