Number Four could’ve been cooler if he wasn’t in high school

They should’ve cut that part: new kid in school, falls in love with the prettiest girl, gets on the bad side of the jock. You know, teenagers. The problem is that took up most of the movie. I guess its imperative to feature a love story but it just gets in the way of excitement. At least it wasn’t (that) cheesy. But wait, he’s not just some other kid. He’s an alien. But he looks human though, a really hot human. šŸ˜‰ He’s 4th of the 9 left of his kind and they’re being hunted in order. He’s next. When Number 6 came to the picture (love her, she’s awesome) and Number 4 started discovering his abilities, that’s when the fun begins. Both their ultra cool powers really made the fight sequences more awesome. The villains were alright, typical scary-looking aliens but the monsters added extra thrill. Judging by how it went, there should be a sequel. I hope next time they show more ass-kicking and less smooching.


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