Mockingjay Marks the Last of the Games

I’m awestruck at the turn of events as the story of The Hunger Games trilogy came to a close. Lost for words; not due to lack of it but of over pouring. Wow, I can’t imagine how it must’ve felt to live in a world like theirs. It is a terrifying feeling reading towards the end as one by one, things go wrong, characters die then something surprises you and throws you off-balance. Read on if you want to find out.

Part I, The Ashes, centres on the aftermath of the Quarter Quell and the stirring of the revolution. I was a bit shaken when I finished Catching Fire, everything was open-ended. And as the story materialized about how it was planned all along, how District 13 was just not a mere remnant of the Dark Days, how Katniss will be the face of the rebellion (whether she likes it or not). Things seem hopeful – difficult but determined. I was scared mostly for Peeta who was left in the Capitol and suddenly was asking for a ceasefire. It was obvious things were wrong if not worse. But by the time Part II, The Assault, came and his rescue successful, I thought the situation will be steady to say the least. But we all know what happened, Peeta’s not himself anymore which is a downplay. But more importantly, in this final battle both sides lose.

In the chaos that followed, it all resulted to one thing: more lives lost. Prim, Finnick, Boggs, the list goes on and on. Every one of those deaths was abrupt but it certainly leaves a blow. Whether it’s more fuel to continue the force or a question of conscience, I sympathize with Katniss for every decision she had to make. But I guess the biggest shock of all is Katniss releasing her bow on Coin rather than on Snow. But wrong as it may seem, I’m with her. Coin was not much different to Snow, after all it’s her ‘hunger games’ that’s everyone is playing this time around and Katniss is just a piece in it. I don’t think she even decided up until she was aiming for the rose on Snow’s heart. What I don’t get is why she said yes to the Hunger Games involving the children of Capitol as suggested by Coin just because of some twisted sense of principle to preserve more lives. I know she said because of Prim but is it? But since Coin is dead, I’m glad it didn’t push through.

And after all the confusion, we get to the heart of the story. Gale or Peeta? Gale managed to get a job in District 2, while Peeta alongside Katniss and Haymitch went back home to District 12. Team Peeta won if you want me to be straightforward. Of course I’m happy but I don’t think it’s even about winning. I agree to what Katniss said that she doesn’t need more fire like Gale, she needs the dandelion in the spring and only Peeta can give that. I’m in love with those last lines when Peeta asked: “You love me. Real or not real?” And Katniss said: “Real.” They had kids by the way.

Hats off to Suzanne Collins for the gripping finale and for the trilogy that captured many, including me.

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