Yes, it started with ‘once upon a time’ and ended with ‘happily ever after’, after all its a classic old tale. But more than that they made it more enjoyable and at par with modern animations like Shrek or Toy Story. And this time without the help of Pixar, Disney came up with this on their own and it was good… for a kid movie. I still don’t get the trademark singing part though, but the chameleon and the horse characters were a blast (sorry i didn’t remember their names). Flynn/Eugene is probably the handsomest prince charming ever! That smoulder would work on me every time. Rapunzel was quite a sweet, likeable princess and less Disney-fied too, Mandy Moore’s voice suits her. The movie is light and short enough not to bore you but you need not watch it in 3D. Overall, it is anything but tangled.