Burlesque: Better Than Most Movies Featuring Singers

At long last, Christina’s acting début via the musical Burlesque is already screening in Manila.  And I enjoyed it – the music was great, the acting was not Oscar-worthy but who cares, the writing though cliché in parts is fun and engaging. But I guess that’s what the movie is aiming for: to entertain and they succeeded. Obviously, the next step is to compare and I understood why the critics were harsh. We have all these hit musicals like Moulin Rouge, Chicago and Dreamgirls and we also have the ‘singers-trying-to-act’ type of films that were hardly anything good. Since Burlesque falls on both categories, it’s like double jeopardy. I have to say, I think Burlesque fades in comparison to the musicals mentioned in context of depth and relevance, the movie is quite simple. Small-town girl with incredible talent pursues her career in the land of dreams aka L.A. and ends up on an intriguing burlesque lounge. Add the charming, not to mention attractive, bartender and we have an instant love story. But for the 2nd category, Burlesque shines. Christina delivers a believable performance and you know what she really looks good on screen. She appears younger and thinner as compared to when you see her lately. The production value is incredible and the music is enticing and feel-good, I want to buy the soundtrack! It doesn’t suck at all which is saying something. And can I just say, I never heard singing like that in a long time, her vocals are at its peak. For the rest of the cast, surprisingly I was not bothered much by Cher (sorry I don’t get her), Kristen Bell and Julianne Hough were great additions to the performers, Stanley Tucci always impresses me and Cam Gigandet, your body is to die for – I love you already. I want to give a huge shout out to your perfect ass, by the way.


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