Who else noticed that Pretty Little Liars is stacked with hot guys? Let me list them one by one:

This list wouldn’t be complete without Mr. Fitz! Ian Harding plays hot English teacher dating one of his students, Aria.

Officer Darren played by Bryce Johnson, yes, the one who walks around Hanna’s house with only a towel on.

Remember him? Julian Morris plays Wren Kim a.k.a one of the 2 boyfriends of Melissa that Spencer kissed. I think he also went shirtless in one scene.

Cute, nerd Lucas who has a thing for Hanna. Brendan Robinson in real life.

Dated Aria for a while but now suspect no. 2 for ‘A’. Brant Daugherty plays Noel in the series.

You see what I’m talking about? Another reason to watch Pretty Little Liars then.