Who exactly is The Last Olympian?

Fresh from finishing book 5 of the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series by Rick Riordan, I realized that I haven’t figured out why the book is entitled The Last Olympian. My guess is that it pertains to the Goddess of the Hearth, Hestia, because she dubbed herself that but what I don’t get is why it became the title of the book. I mean, it’s not the central plot of the story so I’m second guessing myself that I must’ve missed something important that explains why or that it’s actually referring to another character. Anyone who has an idea: help out a fellow camper! After all, Riordan did say all his readers deserve a place at Camp Half-Blood (hehe).

Don’t get me wrong, other than that I enjoyed everything. The invasion of the Titans and their army brought a lot of action. Even the whole joining forces of the Gods: major, minor and yes including Hades and his undead army was a great twist. Of course that extends to their sons and daughters; the demigods plus the satyrs, Hunters, Cyclopes, centaurs, even famous statues in Manhattan which turned out to be Daedelus’ creations. The unfolding of the prophecy was exciting so as the revealing of the spy and how they defeated Luke a.k.a. Kronos. The little triangle between Annabeth, Percy and Rachel was funny (sigh). It’s lame that I got sad after I finished reading. I’m like that with my books especially when it’s a series ‘cause you sort of spend more time with it and when you finally get to the last book suddenly there’s nothing next for you to anticipate. But who knows? Maybe there’ll be a continuation since the new Oracle just declared another great prophecy but I hope it still revolves around Percy and the gang, don’t you think so?


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