I Play Fashion Police For A Day

The news about the Golden Globe winners were abuzz the whole week but it wasn’t the only award the stars were after or rather avoiding. I’m talking about the best and worst dressed, entertainment shows all have their own but I’m exercising my fashion eye and here are my picks for best:

5. Halle Berry

My initial reaction is she looks amazing, that neckline is beautiful. People were commenting about the shortness of the skirt and the slit but I think its just the right amount of sexy.

4. Emma Stone

The color suits her so much and the simplicity makes her stand out from a crowd of overworked dresses.

3. Olivia Wilde

Oh my gosh I gasped when I saw this dress from Marchesa. Its big, bold, perfect for the red carpet and I love the statement shoes!

2. Anne Hathaway

In this dress by Armani Prive, she just shines. Its sleek and elegant, I love the puffy shoulders and its backless actually – love it.

1. Angelina Jolie

I know she’s beautiful as is but look at her, she’s so effortless and regal. This Versace dress sparkles during the live carpet show and its just amazing. Even the ‘boxy’ style works for her.

Moving on to the worst, in which I crossed off Helena Bonham Carter and Tilda Swinton technically because I think they always make this list anyway.

5. Julianne Hough

The dress is not so bad but that neckpiece is just too much especially for a petite girl like her. I feel like its swallowing her, the dress is wearing her not the other way around.

4. January Jones

Okay I love the color on her and her hair is beautiful but that top is just wrong. Its not too much skin but its a little off for my liking.

3. Scarlett Johansson

She looks like she aged 10 years! And she lost her figure, I don’t like the hair either. This dress is just way too old.

2. Michelle Williams

Okay this floral dress from Versace I totally don’t get. I know she’s sweet and all but this is a fashion miss.

1. Heidi Klum

What the hell happened to her? She’s a supermodel so there’s no excuse. Its a mess and a bit inappropriate for a formal event. Its actually painful to look at.

So that’s that. What do you think of my list?


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