Bring In The Waterworks

With eyes sore and nose running I finished another Nicholas Sparks’ novel, The Last Song. It’s getting to be a habit, I know. This, after I’ve read The Notebook 2 weeks ago, is the 4th one I’ve read from his works. No reason behind, they just happened to be sitting quietly on the bookshelf that I barely noticed before. I’d like to think I’m a hopeless romantic without the hopeless. From another point of view, these stories seem more like a tragedy. But more than anything, they draw emotions or as they say, tug at the heart strings.

It took me a week or so to complete TLS, interrupted of course, while only a single afternoon for TN. While the movie portrayal of Rachel McAdams & Ryan Gosling helped me to envision, Miley Cyrus distracted me a little at first but soon enough she’s etched already in my mind as Ronnie. I’ve made a mental note to catch the film both because of Liam Hemsworth and that I’m curious how it turns out since the movie version of Dear John had a different ending.

It’s amazing to me that Sparks can narrate the story of a father’s love and romantic love and still speak to you the same way. Ya these books are often about heartbreaks but love and pain go hand and hand. These stories are mostly sad but after reading you feel warm and hopeful not empty. For both novels, the letters in the story get me every time. I’m just a crying mess. For TLS, I loved that it started with a prologue containing parts of the conclusion & although there was the Will & Ronnie storyline, I think its with her dad that the plot really shines. Tackling teen angst, first love and growing up, it caters more on the young readers. It resembles pieces of A Walk To Remember, so for fans of that you’ll admire this one. TN talks about that great love & how fate can play in the lives of people. Short but memorable, I understand the universal appeal of that love lost and found only to be tested once more. And that whatever age, love is not impossible. I’m beginning to sound so insightful not really from experience but from all the reading. I won’t be able to stand gobbling up another Sparks creation so I’ll go for a light book next. I’ll give my eyes a break!


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