The Girl On Fire

“Katniss Everdeen survived the Hunger Games. Now the Capitol wants revenge.”

I have just finished reading Catching Fire! I started it early this year, put it off for a while and wasn’t able to resume until now. Crazy year I guess and it helped that I wasn’t reading the e-book through a laptop, it messes up my eyes. So I decided to start from the beginning again. Spoiler alert!

I really like the fact that the books are such an easy read. They’re short, fast-paced and full of suspense with just a hint of romance. You can practically finish a book in one sitting. Judging by how the story went, Suzanne Collins probably envisioned Katniss’ story to be a series since the plot turned to be well thought of. With the Quarter Quell and the mockingjay pin which became more than just a token but a symbol of hope, it was somehow believable that her heroine ended up in the Games again. I know, I was struck too. Collins sure love surprises, there’s more of them here. From the existence of District 13 to Peeta’s baby announcement. Even the turnout of events in the clock-like arena and President Snow’s unmistakable arrival. You know, the books are actually brutal, sick and twisted in many ways. But the way it was told so lightly, I think, makes it work.

Of course the personal aspect of the story is what gives it the ‘unputdownable’ factor. I’ll say it right off the bat that I’m Team Peeta no matter what! Whatever’s coming in Mockingjay, the final book, I don’t think will change my mind. His unrequited love, always good intentions and for me, the spark that I don’t feel with Gale. Whom I see nothing more than a brother. But with the kiss and the confession, I’m a bit angry with Katniss for choosing him instead. Its like Bella, Jacob and Edward all over again!

I somehow knew the Games will not go according to the Capitol’s plan and that the revolution will soon take place. The conclusion was great, gearing you up for what’s ahead. You can only expect the fire to spread out and become stronger once it catches on. I like seeing the old characters back especially Cinna and in a way, Haymitch. The new cast mainly comprised of the district victors were also interesting. Finnick, now him I like to see in the big screen 😉 Hope everything translates well when its turned into a movie. I give it 2 thumbs up!


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