The Richards Win TARA!

Season 4 of The Amazing Race Asia marks the first win for a Philippine team ever to join the race. The duo of Richard Herrera & Richard Hardin, or aptly named the Richards, was the first team to reach the 11th & final pitstop of the race beating the father/daughter tandem from Indonesia & the rebel girls of Singapore, where the last leg was actually held.

After the disappointing loss of Marc & Rovilson in Season 2 due to a stupid flag challenge, I thought we were jinxed. A Philippine team would always reach the finals (I think) but never win. I’ve never been excited to watch the finale since that season but I was hooked again this time. Anyways, I always said if ever I’m going to join a reality competition this would be it. Though I would like to say ANTM, I’m afraid I’m not really what they’re looking for, haha. But man the stunts they did, I thought no I can never do that. I should team up with a daredevil. This season really was worth watching, good job to AXN. Congrats to the Richards! Well played fellas!

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