Random Thoughts of a Bum

If you ask me, bumlife is treating me great so far – awesome even! I mean, here you are without a care in the world, no deadlines to rush, no nagging boss (disclaimer: not that I had one hehe). I didn’t plan to be unemployed but I knew it wasn’t going to stop me from resigning. Technically, its been over a month but.. if I had to count from when I actually stopped working, its just been 3 weeks since. So you can tell I’m still on a high. But I have to admit, at times it does get almost unbearably boring. And that’s where money comes in. πŸ˜€ I’m now spending & living off what’s left of my savings & of course, my credit cards. I know that’s not healthy so don’t give me that look. I’m getting the hang of this situation though. And I think the more the days pass, the more I’m getting comfortable which is scary. I don’t want to get to a point when I don’t have a clue anymore like I’m back to square one. So all I’m up to now aside from loitering the house & crashing the mall, is finding a replacement. I am as ‘actively seeking’ as any unemployed bloke. Funny I should use that last word. I’m reading a lot of Potter lately that I might blurt out something in my interviews like “I reckon…” or “Blimey!”. Just the thought of it makes me laugh. You know what, I’m no expert in analogy, but I’m really feeling like Harry – yes the boy who lived, whenever he’s stuck in Privet Drive. I feel like I’m cut off from the “real world”. Of course for him it meant the wizarding world or Hogwarts and for me, let’s just say one need not have much imagination. As much as I hate to admit it and my friends are going to enjoy this more than I do, I miss them. They are every bit my only connection to the outside world and when you’re used to seeing them almost everyday then suddenly don’t, you tend to get a little “needy”. πŸ˜‰ Okay I’m going on here forever, I should’ve named this post Harry Potter & Unemployment but it wouldn’t make any sense, would it? So, yeah, other than that I’m just fine.

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