From Van Wilder to Sexiest Man Alive

“I’m happy its not Brad” said George Clooney jokingly, frankly me too. After Johnny Depp last year, I thought People was not so keen on giving the rest of the male population a chance. But surprisingly, the choice this year is Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds whom we all know for films such as Van Wilder, Just Friends, Blade Trinity, X-men Origins: Wolverine, The Proposal and just recently, Buried. This special double cover issue of People magazine is also in celebration of its 25th anniversary in handing out the title. Wondered who was the first SMA ever back in 1986? (my birthyear btw) It’s none other than the now controversial Mel Gibson. And did you know, the only black actor ever to get the title is Denzel Washington. The oldest so far is Sean Connery. Clooney, Pitt & Depp are the very few who got to be SMA twice.

Reynolds dons the cover with his shirt on though – his body is ripped! And I don’t know how this helps him with the ladies since he is out of the market. He’s husband to 2010 GQ’s Babe of the Year, Scarlett Johansson. He’ll star in a major role as DC superhero, The Green Lantern set for a 2011 release. Would like to see that body suit in action! 😉

Here’s some sneak-peek of the men who made the list:

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