I saw this along the Ayala underpass yesterday and I immediately felt giddy inside:

I so wanted to watch this right there and then but I know I’d have to wait until next week. I’m looking for reservations and they are full already. I want to watch on the first day but I’d have to wait for my friends who are busy because I’m not, hehe. You can tell I’m in an HP craze as of the moment. 😀

I’m just really hyped, THIS IS IT! Part 1 of the finale, I’m expecting the movie will leave you hanging and craving for the main dish ahead. For Part 2, it kills me that we’d have to wait until July 2011 (that’s 8 months) but I think it works here. There’s much to be excluded if they’d fit it into one. And plus, it just makes the ending more grand. The anticipation is building up inside… I CANNOT WAIT! 🙂