That’s 20-year old model/sales agent Mark Whittington who caught my eye online at the Cosmo website. I was just doing some random browsing and then I saw this guy – now that’s what you call StumbleUpon. I don’t have a fetish for tattoos, especially that many, but those are some sexy inks. You’ll see what I mean after the jump. 😉

If you want more awesome pics, he is currently featured on Cosmo as October 2010 Online Hunk. He’s just on his 3rd week so we can expect one more batch of hot photos soon! Trust me, the guy has some really nice shots there but first, here’s a preview:

He was also on Cosmo’s 69 gorgeous bachelors last September, look him up on the booklet. Even Rajo Laurel posted about him on his blog. Let’s hope we’ll see more of him. A sexy billboard on EDSA, perhaps? 😉