Since most of my vacays weren’t on summer, I’d have to say back around 3rd or 4th year high school. I was under the “Cadet Officer Candidate Course” and we headed to Tanay, Rizal for some massive training. During those 3 days, I did, probably, 2 of the many things I never thought I can: Rappelling and Firing a rifle – a real one at that. For the former, I can’t even remember from what height we came down but it was high – like i-didn’t-breathe-the-whole-time-nor-look-down high. And the latter, I don’t know gun specs but i’m guessing it was an M16 rifle. My ears hurt like hell after and we get to do a couple of fires but i was able to hit the target (i think). Wow, tough times but that was truly one of the best experiences ever.