Mythologies and how I completely overlooked it as a kid…

See, I never known anything about the stories of the gods back in the old times. And I never really took interest on them not until recently I picked up a book called The Lightning Thief. Ya, the movie came out but I didn’t actually see it before reading the novel. Let me tell you, it suck by the way (back to my train of thought). My officemates were reading it as well and I needed something to pass by travel time to work. So I bought one and good thing my practical side nudged in – I got the paperback version. Light to carry around and light on the pocket, hehe.

I’m always curious with works of fiction even if it’s categorically a teenage book. Let’s just say, I satisfied my inner geek and flipped through its pages one by one and now I’m already on the 4th book: The Battle of the Labyrinth. The books are short and entertaining plus it was kind of a ‘Did You Know?’ type of thing for me as well. I didn’t know who the god of wine was or if there is. I didn’t know the gods had a father who tried to eat them all up. I didn’t know anything, well I know Hercules but that’s it. As I moved on to The Sea of Monsters and The Titan’s Curse (my favorite, so far), I realized there was so much to discover. Sometimes, my mind would wander off and I’d imagine myself as a demigod. I told you I’m a certified geek. I like the fact that Rick Riordan was able to write a storyline base on these ancient myths and give it a modern appeal. It worked and I think its great for kids to read his books so they can learn and at the same time enjoy. The dialogues are funny and the characters are lovable, especially every time when a god is introduced or some kind of ancient creature or object. I definitely don’t get bored on my way to work anymore. Oftentimes, I even want the ride to take longer.

Now my only problem is, there seem to be no paperback issue of The Last Olympian, the final book, and the hard cover is slightly above my budget. But I hope to get a copy soon.


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