Conquering Bolinao and Alaminos!

 It’s never too late for a vacay. The June rain couldn’t really intimidate a bunch of holiday-deprived auditors. We crave trips like this and this time around we found ourselves venturing towards the far end shores of Bolinao, Pangasinan. If ever you’re wondering, it is found on the tip of the country’s “nose”.

And just like cherries on top of ice cream, the renowned Hundred Islands is just an hour of drive away at the province of Alaminos. So with that, 2 urvans set off on a 6-hour travel to Puerto Del Sol at around 3 o’clock in the morning of June 12 and if I may say, hitting the road on a red eye is the best way to go. Having 2 DSLR photographers doesn’t hurt too. 😉


On our breakfast stop-over @ McDo…

Arrival at the beach resort… but we had to leave again to catch the day.

A bit of sight-seeing at St. James Fortress

At the Lighthouse / Photoshoot Set

At the Enchanted Cave… (oooohhh) well, not really but it was amazing. There was an underground pool and the water was unexpectedly cool and fresh despite being stagnant.

Check-in! Swimming at the pool

We did a bit of walking at the shore, which eventually turned into a lot of walking because of low tide.

Soon it was getting dark and we were presented with this striking sunset background…

Yummy dinner-out and drinking(?) session with 5 members of Team Central (we just had to). I won’t show the pics though hehe.

Morning kayak and jacuzzi after a VERY light meal

Check-out and Off to Hundred Islands!!!!!!!

But first, lunch at Jollibee. Funny we always end up to these fast food chains no matter where we are. We were short on time so we geared up for the boat ride and only visited 3 of the more famous among the islands.

Governor’s Island, where we hiked on a scorching hot day to get a view at the scenery. Sounds like a bad idea right? But it was great!

A quick pass at Children’s Island and then swimming at Quezon Island. Well the boys did, we just drank, judging by its worth, a special kind of water. Maybe its from the fountain of youth or something.

Soon enough we had to leave cause of overcast skies and it was probably an incredibly smart decision since it started pouring halfway of our boat trip back.

And then it was time to go home… one of the best adventures I had. Dinner stop-over at NLEX.

The End. 🙂

(Photos courtesy of Mao Limguangco, Popoy Sontillano, Riki Manlapaz & Joseph Liwanag)


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