Get your movie on!

IMAX. La-Z-Boy. Popcorn.

I know what you’re thinking. Summertime has kicked in and one of its perks? Summer movies – and not just any movies, they call it: Blockbusters. Some I’ve already seen, others I’d rather wait for the DVD and the rest we’re just dying to catch. And I mean dying. Below is the ultimate list:

This one is good, not bad but not great either. It was okay, I guess I’m just not a big fan. Love ScarJo in it and Mickey Rourke was villainous enough. And Robert Downey Jr., well he gets to play himself Tony Stark and be an ass.

I’ve heard not-so-rave reviews about this film. Bad press for a Ridley Scott – Russell Crowe teamup, well I guess it is hard to top what they’ve done with Gladiator. Anyways, next!

I didn’t know what to expect but I was surprised. It was a different Shrek but still got the same old humor and a worthy enough ending for the well-loved series. It was a good call casting Rumpelstiltskin and the Pied Piper. If you want a laughtrip, this is it.

Now, I can’t even begin on this one. This is an EVENT, not a simple screening so better gather up your girls for a night out. Who cares if they were disastrously photoshopped in the posters? – maybe its a prequel (kidding!) Or the fact that they spent millions of dollars on the fashion alone? Or the top secret set locations? Go. See. It.

Jake Gyllenhaal gets to play a comic book hero and take his shirt off. As he said on a special screening for the movie: “This is the REAL Sex and the City.” I have no idea about it but this is Jake’s first role on an action film and I’m a little bit curious. But I guess he had me on the taking off the shirt part already. (hehe)

Third installment for the insanely popular and the cult hit that can only be the Twilight Saga. Judging on the book, this should be my favorite among all but since I was disappointed with the first 2 films, I don’t know what to feel about it. Should I get excited and keep my hopes up, no? Let’s just wait and see.

First off, when was the last Toy Story movie? What happened again? I have to admit I was expecting more of like a Monsters Inc. follow-up but I guess this will do. Plus its 3D – wait, toys that come to life hmmm… remind me why I want to watch this again. Nothing really tickles my fancy here but let’s give it to the kids.

Coz I love Ms. Jolie. She’s badass – she sure can kick mine, but she always excites me. (believe me, not in that way) I just love it when she does movies like this. So who is Salt? Let’s all find out then.

So there it is, I couldn’t really fit everything here so I’m gonna at least, list the others worth mentioning: M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender, the Steve Carrell animation Despicable Me, Bradley Cooper’s leading The A-Team, the new Karate Kid and Leo Dicaprio’s Inception.

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