Choice Hottie for March: Daniel Matsunaga

They call it the “Brapanese” invasion. I say, I don’t care where they came from but they are some fine specimen and they can keep coming here as long as they want. You may already know Aki as one of my choice hottie posts and Hideo Muraoka (center) from F&H ads, but this one is all about Daniel Matsunaga (first one on the left).

He is such a cutie and once again what a nice smile and his body is just, well, perfect. He has been in the local scene for a while now, appearing in primetime shows (yes, acting stints) and mostly modeling jobs. His rise to fame here, I think, came from being featured as one of Cosmo’s 2009 Centerfolds. And guess what, he was rumored to be having such a blast in Manila that he’s actually planning to become a citizen. Oh please, Republic of the Philippines, please say YES! 🙂 See more of this charming fellow after the jump…

4 thoughts on “Choice Hottie for March: Daniel Matsunaga

  1. xianelle says:

    hmm not bad. hindi mo naman tinadtad ng pictures nia diba? hehehe wow. cant believe your choice hottie for the month is a filipino.. wait, he isnt pala! waaaaaa haahhaa soon, i hope soo tooOoo!! xoxo
    you should make _______ your next month choice hottie!! i dont know his name yet, hence the fill in the blanks..haha will email you as soon as i found out! okay?

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