I just posted my 100th blog entry, now on my 100 and 1st, and didn’t even realize! 🙂 I’m really happy I started WIBME. As I’m writing, I keep thinking about Ellen’s 1,000th episode and remember wondering how it would feel celebrating something after having done it for a number of times. Now I sort of know, not that this is anything close to what she’s done. But I feel like I achieved something and I’m very proud of it. Keeping up a blog is a no easy task, every time I post I make sure I enjoy writing it and make it as “me” as possible not because it’s what readers would want to see – again, not that I have lots of readers. I don’t think I can handle a wide audience so I’m happy being anonymous and writing about anything I want. Hopefully, I posted worth-reading entries from among that 100, if not all. Maybe I entertained some or bored more, but that’s not what blogging is about (at least for me). It’s about expressing yourself and just saying what’s up there, inside your head. I wish whatever’s in there won’t get tired of thinking freely and creatively. Here’s to another batch of 1oo! 🙂