Choice Hottie for February: Chris Evans

I saw this guy for the first time playing some high school jock in 2001’s Not Another Teen Movie (which it was!). If it wasn’t for the fact that he had a sort-of naked scene; covered with whip cream and strategically placed cherries and a hotdog, 😉 I wouldn’t have bothered going through it. The movie was blah and yeah, he was already cute then but when I saw him 3 years later: shirtless in the suspense movie Cellular, his sexy meter (not that I used one) just went berserk! With a couple of movies, hot magazine features and appearances everywhere since then, he was certified Hollywood hunk. This actor of Italian and Irish roots, became a household name when landed the film role as one of Marvel‘s Fantastic Four. Aptly starring as Johnny Storm a.k.a. The Human Torch, needless to say he was scorching hot – figuratively and literally and yes, of course he took his shirt off! He is super fine in the shots above and I don’t mind that love trail at all. 😛

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