The Love Bug

(I’m in the mood to write so hold your horses.)

It’s the love month so maybe that’s why I gotten the bug and writing about it now, how timely! Actually this is Nicholas Sparks‘ fault – will get to that later on. It’s just that with nothing to do last weekend I felt the urge to go out and do something. Then I realized, I haven’t watched a movie for weeks so I got some popcorn and treated myself to some “me time”, and by that I meant the wholesome kind of course. 🙂 With a couple of nice films out last weekend it took me a while to decide. It sucked because I forgot to read reviews; it would’ve been easier. Here are my options:

I wanted to watch The Princess and The Frog; I know it’s meant for kids and the house must be packed with frenzied ones and their parents so I can tell it will be chaotic inside. That’s a big no-no for me, there’s nothing more irritating than a noisy audience so I crossed this one out (but I’m secretly still wanting to – its Disney plus they stuck to what they do best and its classic hand drawn animation).

Next, there’s that SJP flick Did You Hear About the Morgans? but then I thought the only reason I’ll be watching this is because of her and for this one, sadly it wasn’t enough – sorry! I still love her though, so I put it on the bottom of my list just in case.

Then I have Spaghetti Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, which boasts in 3D animation and have been showing for some time now. Last time I remembered watching a movie in 3D was when I watched the The Half-Blood Prince and it’s for the first 15 freaking minutes only! I would’ve gone for Avatar in 3D ‘cause I really wanted the experience but figured I’ll be predicting the whole thing. Probably next time.

So all I’m left with is Dear John, and honestly I ultimately chose this one because the title has my name on it, haha 😀 Of course the fact it’s based from a Nicholas Sparks‘ novel helped and you can’t go wrong with a romantic film. So with that settled, I bought a ticket and readied my eyes for some tear-jerking (if there’s such a word).

I wasn’t surprised when I found myself crying halfway through. It’s kinda funny ‘cause I didn’t want people to see so I couldn’t get myself to wipe them or else I’ll get busted, though no one in there knows me, I hope. I admit, I’m a little or maybe, too emotional. I knew it was going to be sad at some point and it stuck with me as I got out of the theater. It’s that time of year and I do have those times when I got so hung up with the movie I end up researching and thinking about it at home. Channing Tatum works as a young rebel who was changed upon joining the army and falling in love for the first time. Amanda Seyfried, beautiful as always, made us all fall in love with Savannah.

Nicholas Sparks was born to tell stories like these and the first thing that came up in my mind was, “I have to read the book.” So I went to a bookstore found a copy but then hesitated. Here’s the thing, The Notebook is one of my favorite movies of all time but when I read it, I don’t know, I just didn’t feel the same way and barely even finished it – granting how short it was. So I went home, decided not to buy one to just download an eBook. But I couldn’t find one in the net, well at least one that’s free. 😛 Apparently, every other Sparks novel is out there except for this one. So there I was disappointed, turned the TV on and there in my screen was Nights in Rodanthe showing at HBO. I’m like, “what the heck!” So to keep myself from obsessing, I rummaged through my books and got my copy of A Walk to Remember and read it. See, the movie was just plain okay for me so I never bothered to pick up the book. And then something happened, I was enjoying it and surprisingly enough I found myself smiling and getting all giddy. One by one, I devoured the pages like someone who didn’t eat for weeks and cried yet again by the end. I finished it in one seating! I haven’t done that before so that’s something. Landon Carter and Jamie Sullivan just got added to my list of literary heroes. One of the best love stories I’ve known. I’m rethinking my decision not to finish The Notebook. But for now, I’m happy reading Dear John and enjoying every minute of it (don’t ask how I got one). I’m now a fan of Mr. Sparks – better late than never. I should get started with the rest of his novels too, I’m way falling behind.

Whether the reason for all of these is it being February once again, I don’t know. I’m just happy. Have a wonderful valentines’ day everyone! 🙂 

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