The Walkers are back!

Finally I got to catch up with Season 4, I’ve been meaning to watch but have just been so busy. Anyways, here’s a summary of episodes 1 – 5 for those who hasn’t seen them yet:

The Walkers

Tommy was back (for a couple of days – yey!) and revealed that he hasn’t seen Elizabeth for months. Hope they get back together, I miss Julia too. Meanwhile, with no trace of looking back, Sarah hooked up with hot French guy, Luke during her stay in Paris and he even followed her back home but they eventually broke off (sad!). Kevin is finding it hard to choose the egg donor for his and Scott’s baby after having found the perfect surrogate (he’ll find a way trust me!), Kitty has cancer (lymphoma), I know its so depressing, but at least she and Robert are getting along again because of it ironically, Justin will soon be marrying Rebecca whose pregnant BTW and he still doesn’t know with all his med studies going on, Nora is dating a much younger guy (spicy!) not to mention broken-hearted with all the things happening in the family, Holly and Saul almost found a way to salvage Ojai Foods’ distress situation but Ryan who’s been up to no good, stuck to his plan of ruining his father’s business and family – what a downer!. So if you haven’t been following yet, that’s what you’ve been missing on the latest season of Brothers & Sisters. I missed them! Didn’t you? 🙂

P.S. Favorite moments so far: Kevin seeing Luke for the first time and the Walker women with few exceptions (hehe) ogling over Luke swimming on the pool. LOL.

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