Island hoppin’ in Anawangin!

A much-needed break. A well-deserved retreat. On the beach is where we spent our long weekend last November 29 and 30. It was great! Tiring but worth it, what’s a little exercise every now and then? In the world of business it can get toxic and me and my officemates well, we know just the thing to do to detoxify. Plus, its our batch anniversary!!! 😀 Putting up with audit for 2 years is a hell lot of achievement! So we felt we needed to reward ourselves and when opportunity presented itself we said goodbye to the busy streets of Ayala Avenue and hello to the amazing scenery at Anawangin, Zambales.  

Anawangin, Zambales



Our nature trip started a little too early, the bus ride from Manila to Zambales departs at 5 am. The next scheduled trip is at 10 and we can’t afford the time lost if ever; with the planned stay there for 2 days and 1 night only. For some of us, waking up to catch the bus was next to impossible and so there were ‘casualties’. Anyways, we ended up meeting at the town of San Antonio, Zambales where our tour guide contacts (locals) were supposed to be picking us to get to Pundaquit shores.  

Pundaquit shores


on the way to Anawangin


sporting our life vests ala Baywatch


 From there we took a 30-min. boat ride (FUN!) or as we like to call it ‘bangka‘, to the island of Anawangin although, you can opt to trek for 4 hours if you want. It was real nice: the weather was great, the wind blowing in your face, the great blue ocean below, the magnificent rock formations.. for a moment I thought I was going to fall off but glad I didn’t coz’ I don’t think my life vest is going to help me – I’m real panicky. 😀  

boat ride with kuya


trip on the bangka


We arrived there at noon and there were several campers as well, but it seemed we got the better location for our site. Oh sorry, I forgot to mention: there are no accomodations there, no electricity just trees and more trees. We rented our tents and brought our own food. There’s really no room for comfort but it was all right we felt like we were one with nature.  

Anawangin island


the GANG


camp site


our tent!


 Our first obstacle… LUNCH! I think you just have to set aside your cravings and settle for the good ol’ can opener and canned goods. 😉 An hour later we were stuffed and dog-tired from laughing with all the jokes with our resident pet tarsier Rikiboi (peace!) but since the sun is still blistering we settled to wait until around 4 and managed to set up our camp and get a little rest in between.  

late lunch time


in the woods...


And when it was time to get wet (after a few rounds of playing exhausting frisbee game and ‘Mercy’ courtesy of Masad and Rina), everyone was in the waters in no time – well, not everyone (ehem, Chi). With the dusk settling, its time for our professional photographer (Poppy!) to do his magic. It was a good 3 hours of unadulterated fun.  

in the waters...


lets put that waterproof cam to the test!


more underwater shot


After cleaning up and drying, its time to eat once again. What’s for dinner you ask? Tons of barbecued hotdog and grilled liempo yo! It was a little hard starting fire but we managed… with gas! haha 😀 And of course, camping night wouldn’t be complete without a bonfire. So there we were eating burnt Tender Juicy hotdog and pork (with sand) in front of the fire having the night of our lives completely unaware of our work load left behind. But it didn’t end there, when there’s bonfire there’s melted marshmallows. We were all curious enough so we tried and to our pleasant surprise it tasted good! (especially to Cherryl Roy) ‘SARAP!’ Add a little singing and jamming session with our band: Jerix (guitars) and BJ (drums) and a couple of tequila shots, we were in for a long night.  



Staying up until the wee hours, some of my friends entertained themselves by forming a ‘cult’ with the main purpose of sacrificing a virgin. We’re admittedly WEIRD – sorry, so since none of us are really virgins hehe (some half) no one was killed in the end. 😀 I have never seen so much stars at a glance on the night sky with just the moonlight and the rushing of the ocean, it was complete serenity.  



Day 2 destination was Capones Island but before that a trip to the beautiful lagoon with the forest on the background and of course its photo shoot time once again.  

the lagoon


good morning!


A distance of 20 mins. from Anawangin, Capones is an island known for the huge waves and the lighthouse at the top. The hike was exhausting and a bit tricky because of the huge rocks on the way, but the view at the top was worth it.  

more waters...


some rock formations




the lighthouse ruins


amazing scenery


view at the top


 All in all, it was a wildly fantastic adventure! hehe and we haven’t even visited the other 2 islands. But there’s always next time. It was really invigorating, we felt recharged going back to Manila. 🙂  

til next time! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Island hoppin’ in Anawangin!

  1. Lhanz says:

    Hi there!! Been browsing infos re: Anawangin and chanced upon your blog. Liked what I read and marveled @ your posted-pix. Would greatly appreciate it if you could provide me any contact number or details of the locals who had made your visit there a hassle-free one. Would be a lot helpful too if you could enlighten me more on this.. Salamat ng marami.. ^__^

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