What’s a Ty-Over???


Cycle 13 is fiercer than ever! Finally, I’ve a caught a glimpse of the latest cycle and collectively, this is probably one of the best bunch I’ve seen. These girls really got what it takes with very little exceptions. As we all have heard, after Cycle 10’s first full-figured winner Whitney, Tyra breaks the norm once again exclusively casting this season with models in heights 5’7″ and under. I also love the whole theme of the Top Model house with a sign at the front door saying: “You have to be this short to enter…” with a huge 5’7″ beside. Right now, I have just watched the second episode which shows the first challenge of the 14 finalists and the infamous make-over portion and I’ve got my early favorites: Rae and Nicole. Check out their photos from the photoshoot challenge:

America's Next Top Model


America's Next Top Model


F-I-E-R-C-E. So what is a Ty-Over? It’s a tall makeover!!! Can you believe these models are ‘short’?

Head onto The CW website for the models’ portfolios and loads of other stuff. 🙂


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