The Host

I’ve been meaning to post about this one but I just didn’t have the time to compose a review for awhile.


Wizards Vs. Vampires Aliens. What do you think?

The Host made me a certified follower of Stephenie Meyer. At first I couldn’t imagine her outside of the Twilight realm, which is why I think I hesitated to buy this book plus the fact its categorized as ‘science fiction’ or basically alien stuff, yeah I’m not really into those. But as I read reviews and got recommendation from a friend (thanks Chloe!) I finally decided to pick it up from a local bookstore and started reading it. And I was immediately intrigued, I couldn’t stop reading. I realized I really like how she writes and tells the story, she relates to you and that’s what makes it enjoyable to read. Once again, I grew attached to the characters and as unlikely the setting is, it was completely believable. I’m amazed by her imagination and creative juices. She gives you a totally different world that will make you want to climb into it and experience first hand. Right now, I’m wishing there was a sequel – I’m missing it (them) already: Wanda and Mel, Ian, Jamie, Doc, Uncle Jeb and Jared. I also appreciate how Stephenie can make really romantic plots no matter how unconventional the circumstances are. I’m glad I read this one and hopefully she won’t stop and keep writing more. Congrats to her for the success of her first adult novel. Well recommended! 🙂

One more thing, I’m really happy with this piece of news I got off Stephenie’s official website:

September 23, 2009

Hey guys, great news! The Host is on its way to the big screen: “Twilight’s Meyer…”

I’m so excited to be working with Nick Wechsler, and Steve and Paula Mae Schwartz to bring The Host to a visual format. They’ve all been a dream to work with, so lovely and collaborative, and I feel like we’re in a really good place to make a great movie together. And then to have Andrew Niccol writing and directing? Truly awesome. If you’ve never seen Gattaca, go watch it now. One of my favorite movies of all time. It’s such a great example of character driven science fiction, which is ideal for The Host, no? I’m having an absolute blast imagining different dream casts, which I would post if people didn’t take my silly blogs so seriously these days. I’m looking forward to seeing the cast lists you come up with in the fansite forums, and if any of them match mine.

So, very exciting. Yay Host!



I can’t wait as well… 🙂


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