Queens of Pop release greatest hits.

Celebration_cover_double_discLet’s start this one with the original. Madonna releases this September her third greatest hits CD since 2001’s GHV2 and 1990’s The Immaculate Collection, entitled Celebration. The ultimate collection comes in 2 editions: Standard and Deluxe. The standard comprises 18 of her most successful tracks from Like A Virgin to Music and Vogue to Frozen including the title track now playing in the airwaves everywhere. Meanwhile, the deluxe 2-disc set with a whopping no. of 36 hit singles including songs such as Crazy For You, Beautiful Stranger, Live To Tell among others, is released as a must-have compilation for any Madonna fan or otherwise. Only a celebration fit for a Queen!



Meanwhile, the now queen of pop (arguably) Britney will be releasing ‘The Singles Collection’, her 2nd hits compilation after 2004’s My Prerogative: Greatest Hits. With a tentative release date by November, the CD will be introduced with a new song called ‘3’ to be released this September. Also sporting 2 versions: the standard and deluxe, the former with 17 tracks and the latter in a special box set with 29 of our all-time favorite songs from her chart-topping albums since 1999’s Baby One More Time to this year’s comeback album Circus and get this: a DVD feature of Spears’ videos in chronological order! Now I must have this. Definitely a Britney fanatic collector’s item.

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