Choice Hottie for September: Justin Timberlake

First day of the month. You know what I’m thinking right? ūüėÄ Choice Hottie time once again and since the cold season has¬†officially started; its the ‘ber’ months already! Let’s up this whole thing a notch shall we? This time¬†I’m featuring the King (inarguably) of Sex, his royal hotness Mr. JT.

From his boyish good looks and curly hair, this guy evolved from a cute¬†Mouseketeer to¬†one of the sexiest man alive. He’s really in a different league; he’s a musician, a great dancer, he acts, he’s the damn trifecta! Wait, make that superfecta as he’s a businessman as well. That’s what makes him¬†desirable and attractive¬†but it doesn’t hurt that he has those scintillating abs (and that tattoo!) Yet in spite all of this, he remains humbled over the years.

Let’s go into details:

Leaving the Mickey Mouse Club, years later he had 3 multi-platinum CDs under his belt: *NSync, No Strings Attached and Celebrity during¬†his boyband¬†days, not to mention the record for the biggest opening album sales for any artist – if I’m not mistaken, more than 3 million copies sold in the US for the first 3 days alone! You’d know he was the star of the group because¬†he stood out. It wasn’t the end of the world to say the least, when the group disbanded back in 2002. In fact, he¬†became even bigger¬†as a¬†solo act and¬†released certified hit albums¬†Justified and FutureSex/Lovesounds and having worked with producers such as Timbaland, The Neptunes and Brian McKnight. Plus tons of music awards, name it, Grammys, AMAs, VMAs, Teen Choice. His collaborations with various artists are worth mentioning as well: Nelly, Janet Jackson, Snoop Dogg, Black Eyed Peas, Ciara and Pop Queen Madonna.

He may not be in the top ranks of hollywood actors such as Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt but his movies if I may say, gathered in ticket sales because he’s in it: Alpha Dog, Black Snake Moan or the more famous ones, Shrek The Third and The Love Guru. He’s not new to TV land either having appeared as host and musical guest¬†on SNL for God knows how many times. From the sketches he did, I can tell he’s really funny. Appearing as a hotdog sandwich, the infamous Dick In A Box and Mother Lover are just some of his hilarious moments. Speaking of, remember¬†him getting¬†Punk’d?¬†He was¬†almost crying because the FBI¬†seized all his properties and he wasn’t allowed in the house, and he was like: “You took my dogs?” Haha classic! I really have to give it to Ashton for coming up with that. ūüėÄ Where’s that show anyways?

Justin also owns that famous restaurant in¬†Hollywood called¬†Chi and¬†the clothing line William Rast. What about his personal life you say? Especially his love life, we all know his long relationship with Britney ended quite bitterly and controversial but they’re okay now. He dated Cameron for¬†a time¬†but we know he’s currently happy in the arms of former¬†7th Heaven star Jessica Biel. They look hot together, don’t you think? As long as he’s happy, I’m happy. ūüôā

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