A life of privilege.


A not so very new find but nonetheless a worth following one. This show premiered back in September of 2008 in the US in the CW network and has gained a relatively high share in viewer ratings. Sadly though, no follow-up season is in the works. I don’t know why actually. I really prefer this one rather than that copycat remake 90210. I don’t know I just don’t find that show interesting, not even the cast! Back to Privileged, I really enjoyed watching the first few episodes and I officially include it in my TV show guilty pleasures. 🙂

joanna-garcia-photo The show features aspiring journalist and Yale graduate, Megan played by Joanna Garcia, handling a very unlikely job as tutor to 2 filthy rich high school girls: Sage (Ashley Newbrough) and Rose (Lucy Hale). If that’s not complicated enough, add her estranged boyfriend-stealing little sister Lily (Kristina Apgar) and her guy bestfriend Charlie (Michael Cassidy) who has always had a thing for her and not to mention the hot new neighbor Will (Brian Hallisay) to the picture and whoala: instant riot! Which for us means fun and drama at the same time. Privileged airs on ETC every Fridays. 🙂

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