Popcorn, anyone?

Had a back-to-back movie marathon so unless I let out everything I felt about them, I’m going to burst! 😀 First up, The Time Traveler’s Wife, a novel by Audrey Niffenegger adapted into film by New Line Cinema through Director Robert Schwentke. Then next we’ll climb into the colorful world created by Disney/Pixar in the eagerly anticipated, much-talked about animated movie Up.



I know what you’re thinking: another film based on a book and most likely the latter is better. Well you’re quite right for that matter but I like the movie in its own way. Knowing its a depressing story, I braced myself for some serious sobbing but to my pleasant surprise they really made it light, there were some laughing moments and I enjoyed it. I was just thinking, having read the book I pretty much know what was happening let’s say in that moment where the 30 year old Henry meets his 8 year old self and that stuff, so I wonder for the rest who didn’t if they quite grasped the idea of time traveling in Niffenegger’s perspective. Personally, I had a hard time getting it all in when I was reading it so I can only imagine when its thrown onto you just like that. To tell you honestly, its been a long time since I cried like that inside a theater full of people, haha. (sob sob) But moving on, I love Rachel McAdams; she’s a great actress, couldn’t think of anyone to better play Clare. As for Eric Bana, he worked as Henry DeTamble for me… its just that, maybe I’m not such a big fan. But to both actors, I commend them for doing a great job. I cried at the end, its really heartbreaking. But I don’t like that they didn’t include the real ending in the book. Try reading it to see, and tell me if you agree…



Wow. Disney classic in my opinion. Far better than any of the films they released from recent years. I even like it more than Finding Nemo. For the record though, I think Disney/Pixar makes better animated movies – no offense meant to Dreamworks, hehe. Up defines the meaning of heartwarming, you would think who would want to watch old people?! But their life story is really inspiring plus you just can’t get enough of that little boy Russell, what a cute kid! 🙂 Carl and Ellie Fredrickson really loved each other even until they got old, more so even after she passed away. On the other hand, it’s a constant laugh galore and at the end of the movie you couldn’t help but say: “aaawwww…”. I admire the part when Mr. Fredrickson (I like when Russell says it) opened Ellie’s ‘My Adventures Book’ and saw their life pictures together posted under “the things i’m going to do” and then Ellie left her a message that said: “Thanks for the adventure, now go get another one!” Don’t you just love it? It made me think that Adventure need not mean out of the ordinary but rather it can be found even on the simplest things. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Popcorn, anyone?

  1. xianelle says:

    aww. i loved both movies too!! i agree with u on both reviews!! love em.. i loved them both as henry and clare unlike the twilight characters.. haha.. i miss russell!! he’s soo cute!! here snipey snipey! lol 🙂

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