Choice Hottie for August: Zac Efron

Can you believe that it has been over 3 years since we first saw that very cute ‘Troy Bolton’ boy on that hit made-for-TV movie and remembering thinking to yourself “wow this guy is cute!” and feeling kind of ‘am-i-a-cougar-having-a-crush-on-him? after. Now, we can all admit to ourselves: “Yes, I am!”, he’s all buffed up, uber hot, oozing with sex appeal and kind of emanating that whole manly grown-up look. Have you seen his guns? (LOL) I know, right?

His real name is Zachary David Alexander Efron, very old English don’t you think? Born on October 18, 1987 on San Luis Obispo, California. As early as 2002, Zac has been working on his acting career by appearing on TV shows such as ER, Summerland and CSI. Then Disney gave him that big break and pretty soon he was everywhere. You know that he’s a certified household name by 2006 when he was victimized by that infamous MTV reality show and Ashton Kutcher project ‘Punk’d’. Soon came movie deals such as Hairspray, HSM 3 and the recently released 17 Again. Now, whether its on magazine covers or hosting SNL, it is apparent Hollywood found a new star and eye candy. We’ll be seeing more of him for sure in the coming years. 🙂

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