Sasha Once More

Here’s the new Beyonce video for the song Ego off Disc 2 of I Am… Sasha Fierce. The video features Beyonce donning her alter-ego once more with the signature sepia feel and look and don’t forget her 2 backup dancers. Nothing much going on with the video; just her dancing. I don’t like it very much, not to mention Ego is not exactly my favorite song from the album. I would’ve wanted her to do Sweet Dreams. Anyways, I wonder what the other video is. If you’re keeping up with her since the release of this album, you’ll notice she’s been releasing a pair of songs everytime; one from I Am… and another from Sasha Fierce. First she released If I Were A Boy and Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) then succeeded by Halo and Diva. Okay I won’t keep you, take a look.

More from Beyonce, she’s releasing a video collection and cutting-edge electronica dance mixes of the songs from I Am… Sasha Fierce. At present, the DVD/CD offering entitled Above and Beyonce is only available at Walmart but if you’re interested here’s the tracklisting:

1. If I Were A Boy
2. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
3. Diva
4. Halo
5. Broken-Hearted Girl
6. Ego (Fan Exclusive)
7. Ego (featuring Kanye West) b-roll footage

1. If I Were A Boy (Maurice Joshua Mojo UK Remix)
2. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) (DJ Escape & Tony Coluccio Remix)
3. Diva (Karmatronic Remix)
4. Halo (Dave Audé Remix)
5. Broken-Hearted Girl (Catalyst Remix)
6. Ego (DAC Remix)
7. Sweet Dreams (dance mix)
8. Ego (Remix featuring Kanye West)

To find out more about these, head onto


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