TV Replacements

What’s with Hollywood these days? First there was that One Tree Hill issue I posted about. And here are some other changes going on in TV land.

I found out that Late Night will not be hosted by Conan O’Brien anymore, who is one heck of a funny guy by the way, instead the show is now Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I first saw Fallon on SNL and he was straight out hilarious so I have no contest about that. But why replace the ‘old’ one? I’m guessing there’s not much spots available on the late night block in American TV. Good luck on him, sure it’ll be just as funny and I hope I catch some episodes.


Moving on, now that Conan is out I heard that Jay Leno will also be leaving his late night show after what, 17 years? The Tonight Show will now be hosted by, well what do you know, Conan O’Brien. I don’t know what’s the point about changing hosts but the question now is.. where will Jay Leno go?

Meanwhile, on The Hills, after Lauren announced her retirement from the show (sad 😦 ) Kristin Cavallari, yes the Laguna Beach star and LC’s arch-rival way before ‘Speidi’, appeared on the season finale which also marked her début on the show. What do you think? I loved Kristin more before, since she was the lead when I started watching ‘The Real Orange County’ but now I realized I’m Team LC. How about you? Hmm I don’t know, hope the show will still get the same support though.


tr-knight-bOver on Seattle Grace, I don’t know who’s going to replace him but it is confirmed: T.R. Knight will be leaving Grey’s Anatomy. Aaaawwww, I loved George. Well it is apparent that his character is getting less and less screen time judging from the latest season. And his storyline isn’t really getting any better. So maybe it’s for the best, I can’t wait for his next project. I’m curious, what do Katherine Heigl thinks about this? They are best friends in real life and she was also reported wanting to leave show. I actually haven’t been following much with the recent seasons so I don’t really know everything that’s happened on the show except for the fact that Izzie has cancer. By the way, going back on T.R., I wondered what his name meant, so I looked it up and his whole name is actually: Theodore Raymond Knight, thought you might like to know. 🙂

Wow, so much happening these days huh? Hope it’s all for the best.


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