What dreams are made of.

I had a weird dream. I can’t recall exactly when, maybe it was the other night. Its weird coz besides the fact that I remember what it was and I usually don’t, I keep having this feeling that my guts are telling me something. So maybe I’m thinking a little talking is all that it needs. Nothing mysterious or anything, it can be completely irrelevant for all I know. Well, I basically dreamed that the office where I work in literally transferred location to the same block as my house; as in the whole building in all its 12-storey glory here in L.A. – Lower Antipolo, I mean. I can’t imagine going out in my rags at any time of the day and be like: “Oh hey there sir, Engagement Partner” or “No ma’am I haven’t finished the working papers yet”. That is scary, convenient but a total nightmare, stupid but I’m worried. That wouldn’t happen, right? No it won’t – not a chance in hell! So what does it mean and why am I even bothering? I tried the ‘Interpret Your Dream’ in the web and I came up with nothing close. So let’s just forget about it, shake it off. I am normally a dreamless person.

P.S. I wish I could dream like Meyer whose dream brought her Edward and Bella and inspired her to write Twilight.


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