No posts for April?!?!

I know, I’ve been out of my element lately. I don’t know if I just didn’t have a great material or just no inspiration at all. And my tight work schedules didn’t help as well. I have been really busy due to the deadlines I have to meet last month. April is of course, the end of tax season so audit firms are in chaotic mode as their clients’ Financial Statements and Income Tax Returns become due to be filed in the Securities and Exchange Commission and Bureau of Internal Revenue. You must be bored out of hell now knowing that once again I’m talking about my work. But no, I’m stopping right here. So what now, you ask? I’m thinking since I didn’t post any entries lately aside from my take on microblogs; JDpress, I’m gonna talk about my latest finds – TV shows that is, and those somewhat old but still exciting to watch.

americas-best-dance-crew-logo1So anyways, one of the main things I do remember is the Season 1 Finale of America’s Best Dance Crew. I know, I know the show is already on its 3rd season but I seriously didn’t have a clue about it not until ETC a cable channel turned local aired it around 2 months ago. Anyways, the show is one of the few shows I added to my fave lists lately. The show created and produced by Mr. Randy Jackson was a massive hit when it debuted in the US making it the most watched reality show on TV. I have fun catching the show in my case during re-runs on Sundays, the energy and hype is amazing to watch, and of course, the anticipation of what’s in store from the performances of the sickest crews I’ve ever seen. All in all the following made an impression on me: the badass all-girl group Fysh N Chicks, the ingenious, masked JabbaWockeeZ with 3 Filipino members – if I may add and the very intricate and master of isolations, Kaba Modern. Among the three, only JabbaWockeeZ made it to the finale pitted against the street dancers and stunt experts Status Quo. My bet would’ve been Kaba Modern coz they’re freakin’ amazin! But anyways, JabbaWockeeZ won it all – deservingly by the way, they have brought it from the very beginning. They’re phenomenal and no doubt they are America’s Best Dance Crew. If you’re curious the show airs every Wednesday nights hosted by Mario Lopez (and his dimples hehe) with judges: master choreographer Shane Sparks, hiphop diva Lil’ Mama and ‘Nsync former member JC Chasez. 


From left to right the members of Kaba Modern who made it as Top 3: Tony Tran, Cindy Minowa, Lawrence Kao, Yuri Tag, Mike Song and Jia Huang.


The winners and the proclaimed America’s Best Dance Crew for Season 1, clockwise: Phil Tayag, Ben ‘B-Tek’ Chung, Phi Nguyen, Chris Gatdula, Rynan Paguio and Kevin Brewer.

Another new series that caught my attention rather recently is the vampire flick that has a premise very similar to the Twilight Saga, entitled True Blood. I know it’s a bit of a tip-off on why I’m watching it but don’t judge it yet. It is in it’s own way more different than the two are alike. But you gotta love the coincidences, I mean here’s a mortal girl although she can read minds; she technically is still considered normal in that world not like the rest of the ‘freaks’, that got entangled in a love story with a very charismatic but dangerous and older (appearance and age-wise) vampire who’s part of the “good” side. And aside from the fact that a werewolf (or shapeshifters as they claim to be) is also in love with this girl, her powers surprisingly doesn’t work on the vampire. Such coincidences right? But enough about these, let’s talk about the show outside the context of Twilight shall we? True Blood shows Anna Paquin (played “Rogue” on the X-Men movies) as Sookie Stackhouse a normal town girl with a special ability to hear other people’s thoughts and happens to live in a world where vampires and humans co-exist. Heck, the vampires have their own bars, ‘Fangtasia’ they call it. They can buy pre-bottled human blood in different types or as we call it- flavors, just like a normal soda or beer. They have laws protecting them even positions in the government. In short, they’re just out there, free to do what they want unless it’s against the law of course. Oh and did I mention, they drink human blood? But anyways the show is not just about vampires, its everything supernatural. From werewolves to exorcisms, a lot of dark stuff. It is definitely more out there, mature, violent and gory. So here’s when the character of Stephen Moyer comes in, the vampire named Bill Compton. Amidst the worldwide political outrage against vampire rights and suspected vampire killings of beautiful women, people were not happy of the presence of Bill and his brothers in town. But Sookie thinks otherwise and with a growing fascination on Bill, she is likely to get into trouble. As their worlds collide, more complications arise. Will she find true love or will she end up as food?


 Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer as star-crossed lovers, Bill and Sookie.

True Blood airs on Cinemax every Thursdays at 11:00 PM with 2 back-to-back episodes.


On American Idolidol-logo, after the recently concluded Rock week and the elimination of Allison Iraheta (huhu 😦 ), the remaining idols battle it out with 2 songs – the judges’ choice and one they pick for themselves. But before this, all the drama and excitement unfolded in front of our very eyes as they were trimmed down each week after giving what could have been their last performance. From the very beginning, the guys outshine the girls. As one by one the girls got voted out, it’s no wonder the Top 3 consists of men only, I think. 😉 Adam Lambert, the undisputed rock god of the Idol stage and early favorite; the lovable Danny Gokey with his amazing voice that inspires and melts hearts – one of which is Paula’s; and the risk-taker, guitar-strumming hero and possible underdog, Kris Allen, who looks good BTW. All in all, I do agree they’re one of the best lot of contestants that graced the stage in all 8 seasons. But I was disappointed with the girls, Allison is the only one that represented. I was actually hoping she and Adam would make it to the finale, but anyways with the turnout I’m guessing Kris and Adam with the latter emerging as the winner. This season marked the grandest season so far, with the ever increasing no. of votes (64 million last time I heard and it’s not even the finale yet), the most interesting mentors for each week’s theme (Quentin Tarantino, Slash, Jamie Foxx just to name a few) and live performances of the biggest stars that you can think of, including previous idols: Kanye West, Lady GaGa, Daughtry, David Archuleta, Flo Rida, No Doubt, Kelly Clarkson, etc…

Other highligts of the season include Kara DioGuardi’s entry as a fourth resident judge, the addition of Anoop Desai to complete the first ever Top 13 finalists and the first-ever Judges’ save given to Matt Giraud. Speaking of, he and Megan Joy Corkrey are two of the few, besides the Top 4, who impressed me this year. I can’t wait for the finale although I don’t want this season to end just yet. I’m going to make a prediction: and the winner of American Idol Season 8 is….


Others worth mentioning:

April also marked the Season 5 Finale of Project Runway in the US (please note I’m talking in reference to when the show was aired here, not when it actually happened). Leanne Marshall proving victorious at the final runway show and for the first time I’m not very sure about the winner. Hmmm… I don’t know I just don’t see her making it big you know? I would’ve thought Kenley Collins or Korto Momolu, although for the former acting like a bitch certainly backfired in the end. But other than that, she’s great as well as Korto, an early favorite. Terri Stevens, Jerell Scott and Kelli Martin are the other designers that I really liked. And with this, the show bade farewell to Bravo TV as they move on to their new home in Lifetime. Bravo didn’t waste any time and created a replacement called The Fashion Show. This season was such a blast and the drama and challenges never fails to excite me. There was never a dull moment.

Meantime, on the Upper East Side things are getting more and more interesting as things get heated between Serena and her latest boytoy Gabriel (getting married and all that) and the grandscale theft going on undercover including Dan’s little college fund. With the help of no less than Poppy Lifton, of course – I knew she was a bitch! Not to mention Nate and Blair getting back together with Chuck still on the side ready to mess things up. And of course, Rufus and Lily’s complicated romance. I especially loved the scenes where the whole gang were plotting and scheming together with the newly ‘saved’ Georgina, or is she? Glad she’s back that was classic! haha 😀

 On a more serious note in Brothers & Sisters, Kitty having an “emotional affair” with the ‘hot park dad’ isn’t really helping with her fallout with Rob. And Tommy’s disappearance certainly didn’t make it any easier for Julia and Elizabeth who was forced to move to Seattle to begin anew. Kevin and Scotty, on the other hand got shook up at a possible threesome with Chad, yes Chad. Hilarious BTW! 🙂 On Ojai Foods, Sarah and Holly began the tug of war once again, getting Ryan Lafferty and Rebecca into the family business. And the mother Walker? Well, she just got back with the architect guy and this time, I think it will be just fine.

Hoping I just gave everyone something to look forward upon turning the TV on or for some people, their Tevo on. Hehe 🙂


One thought on “No posts for April?!?!

  1. JD says:

    FYI: I didn’t know this before but True Blood is actually based on a book called Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse series) by Charlaine Harris. Kind of feel that is a better title why did they change it?

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