I never thought that’s what Britney’s song meant! well, i’ve been thinking about what ‘If You Seek Amy” meant for quite some time now. Now I know. Although the song still doesn’t make sense to me but… “Love me, hate me, say what you want about me. But all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to F-U-C-K me…” Ooops! she did it again!

Speaking of songs, I’m currently addicted to Kelly’s My Life Would Suck Without You, It’s Over by Jesse McCartney, the catchy Diva and Halo sung amazingly by Beyonce, Lady GaGa’s 2nd single Just Dance, believe it or not Kanye’s Heartless, the song Please Don’t Leave Me by Pink (the video’s scary btw), Thinking Of You by Katy Perry, Ciara’s back with Love Sex and Magic, James Morrison and Nelly Furtado with Broken Strings and finally, Love Story by Taylor Swift… Anyone love those songs too??