Oh my gosh!!! I love Adam Lambert! Definitely betting on him to be in the finale… now it’s a toss up between Allison, Matt, Danny and Megan for the other spot. And can somebody just kick off Anoop already? Damn!

I take back everything I said about Lady GaGa. I love her! She’s so cool and hot! That’s the perfect combination. So addicted to her songs right now.. Poker Face, Just Dance, Love Game, Beautiful Dirty Rich, The Fame, Paparazzi and even Eh Eh which is so not like her but I like it….

I can’t believe Kaba Modern didn’t make it to the finale!!! Aside from Jabbawockeez whom by the way has 3 Filipino members, they’re the sickest group in the show America’s Best Dance Crew, they’re amazing!!!