I’ve been busy….

It’s been two crazy, frustrating weeks. I just didn’t think I could get through to it. Work stuff yet again. Anyways, enough about me. What had happened since then? A lot. There was the Golden Globes kicking off the awards season with Slumdog Millionaire and 30 Rock pretty much bagging every award for movie and tv categories, respectively. Kate Winslet also won for two best actress categories and was so grateful she gushed and constantly reminded herself to calm down during her acceptance speeches. Check the official webpage of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for the complete list of winners. (Click here.)


Then there was the plane accident at the Hudson River or should I say miracle since all of the 150 plus passengers and crew got out alive. And this was all because of the courage and skills of the pilot Mr. Chelsey Sullenberger as he navigated the plane so graceful you wouldn’t think the plane was actually crashing. Birds were apparently scattered throughout the area and got into the engine. I couldn’t imagine what people may have been thinking as they saw the plane go down and pass by, what flying that low within the city? There’s only one thing that crosses my mind, 9/11. Thank God, it wasn’t.


American Idol Season 8! Yup, with a lot of changes in store for fans. We’ve finally met the new judge Kara that is just as, let’s just say straightforward as Simon and sweet as Paula. Finally met his match, eh? It’s going to be much more interesting, especially during Hollywood week and Eliminations week. Can’t wait! It just sucks that I have to wait for the re-runs to catch it! Since I don’t know, maybe because my work habits are taking over my whole life!


Finally, who could’ve missed the inauguration of the first black president of America? For the first time, I think, it was aired here in the Philippines through live broadcast. Actually, the whole world covered the event. It was crazy. Obama is definitely reaching celebrity status! I don’t mean it in a bad way. And Michelle Obama, fashion icon with all the buzz about her first dress as the First Lady. It was also a bit funny when Obama got his oath all wrong don’t you think? But I do know we can expect a lot of great things from this guy. All I can say is: Buti pa sila! Ang Pilipinas kaya?

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